Tooth extractions

Extractions can be multiple or single for different reasons such as cavities, infections, periodontal disease or dental fractures. We provide information and advice before and after the extraction so that our patients can enjoy a better recovery.

We also offer wisdom teeth extraction, which involves removing the third molars. It is very important to have a good assessment before removing a tooth to avoid removing it unnecessarily. We try, to the best of our ability, to preserve your teeth.

Gum grafts

Hypersensitivity is the most common problem caused by receding gums. Certain types of gums are more at risk of developing this type of problem. Autogenous grafting consists of placing a gum graft, taken from the roof of the mouth, at the base of the affected tooth. This type of graft does not cover an already exposed tooth. In fact, it is done to prevent the gum from receding. Slight discomfort may occur, such as a burning sensation. The success rate of this procedure is excellent although there is a slight risk of the body rejecting the graft in patients who smoke.


Implants are an excellent alternative for replacing missing natural roots of teeth. They are made from a very compatible material: titanium. Implants can be used as anchors for dentures or simply covered with a crown. In either case, they are the ideal solution for replacing missing teeth.