Dental Exams

The complete exam

This type of examination is for new patients or patients who have not seen the dentist for more than 5 years. It includes x-rays (panoramic and intra-oral), scaling and prophylaxis.

We recommend an annual or semi-annual appointment.

Orthodontic examination

The Cossette & Ruel Dental Clinic offers the possibility of evaluating whether you can benefit from this type of treatment. We offer both Spark technology and traditional braces.

Your children’s health is as important to us as it is to you. Our dentists are able to detect any malocclusion at a young age and then offer the option of braces to widen the jaws and create space for permanent teeth. For more information, call the dental office directly.


Gums treatment (periodontal disease)

Over 75% of people suffer from periodontal disease. Some patients have only the first stage of the disease (mild gingivitis) and others have a more advanced stage such as severe gingivitis and periodontitis. These diseases are caused by a biofilm (bacteria) which, together with the minerals contained in the saliva, transforms into tartar. The bacteria in the biofilm and tartar attack the gums, bone and ligament surrounding the teeth. This phenomenon can lead to the loss of the teeth concerned.

There are several treatments that can be performed as soon as gingivitis appears. They range from simple cleaning to deep cleaning under anesthesia (dental curettage). During these treatments, we give information and advice for better hygiene and for people with a more severe form of periodontal disease, a more frequent follow-up is necessary. (3 to 4 months)